Trival elektroizolacije

Quality and reliability

Company history

Our company has more than a 50 year old tradition with its origins reaching back into a time before the Second World War when individual tradesmen's workshops in Kamnik and its surroundings, started producing electroinsulation materials based on natural raw materials such as flax, cotton, linseed oil, pastes from natural rubber. The true beginning of our company goes back to 1959, when the company SVIT registered the following activity “Impregnation of paper, textile  and other electrical insulation material”, and bought the existing tradesmen's workshops. The development in the following decades was further improving. Introduced were new raw materials (glass braids, silicone emulsions, silicone rubber,...) and modernized technologies of impregnation, varnishing and extrusions. These programs supplemented and improved our existing offer of electrical insulation sleevings, electroinsulation fabrics, silicone sealants and other silicone profiles. The technologies enabled us to enter the market of heat resistant silicone sealings for the needs of the home appliance industry, car industry and industry of heating, cooling and vacuuming technology.

From the beginning till today the company experienced various changes of ownership and names (Svit, Donit, Trival,...) depending on social changes in the state. After the downfall of Yugoslavia in the year 1991, the company Trival d.o.o. was bought by employees and it was later divided into several smaller companies according to their activity. At that time on 30.4.1996 the present company Trival Elektroizolacije d.o.o. was established, which is a small sized company, located in the town Kamnik.

We invite you to convince yourselves regarding our advantages like quality of products, reliability of deliveries, adaptability to specific customer needs and short delivery times.