Trival elektroizolacije

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Trivapur D-GU


Glass fabric, lacquered with polyurethane lack, bias cut and on approximately 2 m joined with polyester tape at an angle of app. 20°

DESCRIPTION: Nonadhesive electrical insulation POLYURETHANE-GLASS type fabric and tapes of different widths, thickness 0.12 mm.

STANDARD: According to IEC 394; IEC 216

PACKAGING: Fabrics in rolls of 100 meters, width app. 900 mm, tapes from width of 10 mm and upwards in 50 m reels or according to agreement.

STORAGE: Can be stored unlimited under normal conditions (20°C, 50% r.h.).

POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS: Suitable for electrical engineering industry for insulation in temperature class F (155°C); electrical maschines and transformers subjected to high temperature stress or a continuous alternating strain.
Suitable for taping tight end windings and other curved parts.




Possible thickness



Thickness tolerance


± 0.01

Substance (area weight)


165 ± 20

Breakdown voltage



Tensile strength



Elongation at break


ca. 20

Temperature classification

Temperature class (°C)

F (155°C)